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Vegas Trip: Driving Vs Flying

The difference between what's in my travel carry-on bag for a flight and what's in my car for a road trip to Las Vegas:

When planning a trip, how you pack will be determined by how you get to your destination. During my recent trip to Las Vegas, which I have been to a handful of times, I decided to try something new. I drove this time! Since flights have been more than I've wanted to spend, and I had a lot of work to bring with. My best option was to drive.

Having the space versus flying and being limited made packing very different for this trip than it was for others.

Flying requires us to consider...

How to get to the airport- driving, Uber, someone dropping you off, etc.

At the airport, parking

TSA versus Clear

Checked Bag Versus Carry On

Airlines' perks and benefits

Cost overall

In a carry-on bag, what can you put in there.

What's a no-no in carry-ons, checked baggage, or not at all?

Whenever I fly, I travel lighter. You have to be strategic about your weight since checked bags are now anywhere from 40-50lbs without an additional fee. Also some airlines even charge for carry on bags now so you have to be aware of that. Paying at the airport for these fees ,versus ahead of time online, can result in you paying higher fees. Some airlines are now charging for drinks and snacks. Be prepared ahead of time or pay airport pricing, which can be very expensive.

To book my flights I generally start by using a google search so I can see all the airlines, times, segments, and prices. From there I will decide which flight is for me. I also use an app called hopper to tell me if prices for specific saved searched flights are going up or down and also if the prices are high or low compared to the time traveling.

Getting profiles/rewards accounts with the airlines also helps rack up rank, perks, and added bonuses. I've gotten a lot of free flights from miles earned while traveling or booking travel directly through airlines and having a rewards account.

I personally think TSA Pre-check is a must when flying. It costs $85 and lasts for five years. You do not have to take off your shoes when you pass through security, you generally are in a shorter/different line, be able to leave laptops and TSA-approved liquids and gels in your carry-on and it just makes

life easier.

Must have items for flying

Larger purse or backpack/computer bag

Bluetooth Headphones

Battery chargers



Diet restrictive necessities

Water bottles/stainless steel

Phone chargers

Hand sanitizer/ wipes


Medical Tape

If we drive it requires us to consider...….

Plan your route


Cost of gas

Plan hotels

Events/ attractions / tickets



High travel times verse low-flow of people

Rates/cost of things

Must have items for driving

Windshield wiper fluid

Tire pressure gage

Portable tire pump




Pepper spray

Stun gun

Hotel Apps



Awake chocolate

Energy & focus shots

Unusual shaped items-ring lights

Overweight items- Box of blazers

Whole wardrobe

I've been a member of Choice Hotels for years since working in the travel industry. So having the app and the convenience of the hotels being located in the area I was traveling, made it easier for me to randomly pick where I ended for the day. Versus having to be more strategic with my planning. Having a profile/rewards account with hotel chains allows you to earn points, receive deeper discounts, and get upgraded amenities.

Having a gas card or signing up for a gas program will help combat the high price of gas currently. I always use my Maps app on my iPhone to plan my routes but there are many options to make getting there easy and the most convenient.

As a solo female traveler, safety is a must. I recently came across a few companies that have provided me with safety/security tools to keep me safe in any situation. Pepper spray and a stun gun are two items I've picked up, just in case. I think it’s better to be safe than sorry. A lot of people are getting additional door locking devices as well as alarms for hotel rooms.

This time I wasn’t dealing with airlines, parking, carry ons, checked baggage, security, none of it. Just me, myself and I and the open road with Betty the Buick. My packing may have been a bit overboard compared to what I would have packed flying. However, with no limitations other than what could fit in the car I took full advantage of the opportunity. My best friend and I just launched a business so I knew I needed to stay update with timelines so being able bring the blazers with me for design, a whole extra wardrobe for content shoots, all my brand collaborations products, and some extra surprises to give some of the people I care about was such a fulfilling feeling.

Believe it or not there’s a lot that is involved in travel and there’s many parts to it as well. Thanks to modern day conveniences, travel has been made simpler than it has been in the past. If you think about it, these are the steps of travel



Getting there




Return travel


The fact that “things” can make it easier to book a trip, easier to get there, and more enjoyable while on the trip, & convenient to get back home safely makes experiencing that trip even more enjoyable.

Don’t let restrictions get you down, just know how to get around them or travel lighter.

Follow me for more tips, tricks and travel related topics as well as products that just make life easier!

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