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Who Are We


Step 1: Apply Here

Step 2:  Message Me On My Personal Instagram Saying You Applied For A BYOSM Brand Ambassador Position.

Step 3: Share Your Unique Discount Code & Referral Link With Your Followers & Earn Commission!

Become A Brand Ambassador

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Q: Who can apply as BYOSM Ambassador?

A: All influencers or everyday people who believe in empowering each other to make our OWN wealth and to NEVER rely on anyone else but YOU— can apply as Brand Ambassador.

Q: How are BYOSM Ambassadors paid?

A: Ambassadors will receive commission earned via Paypal on the 3rd week of each month. 

Q: How much commission can a BYOSM Ambassador make per order?

A: Earn 10% when customers purchase using your referral link within 30 days.

Q: Will Ambassadors receive commission on their own purchases?

A: Ambassadors can apply their personal discount code to their order but will not receive commission.

Q: When can I use my personal code for my own purchases? And how much is it worth?

A: You can shop anytime with your personal Brand Ambassador code for 30% off your order. When you share your personal discount code and referral link with your friends and followers they enjoy 30% off on their purchases as well!

Q: How can I start earning commission?

A: Be Accepted Into The BYOSM Ambassador Program to get your personal discount code and referral link.

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