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UPF Protection Clothing

Fact: Not all clothes provide effective sun protection. Some fabrics let in a lot of UV radiation which can damage the skin and lead to both skin cancer and premature aging.  Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) is the rating system used for apparel that tells us how effectively a fabric blocks UV rays.  The higher the UPF number, the greater the UVA and UVB protection a fabric offers. (UVA rays cause aging, UVB rays cause sunburn. Both contribute to skin cancer.)

I’m so glad I found @shopconstantsol It is an American based company whose primary goal is to help prevent the occurrence of skin cancer by providing stylish UV protective clothing that keeps people safe and comfortable in the sun.  The anti-aging benefits that accompany consistent sun protection are an added bonus.

Allison started Constant Sol with the vision of creating a luxe and chic UPF 50+ capsule collection that could transition from daily happenings, to adventures abroad, and everything in between.   

Their fabrics are certified to provide excellent UVA & UVB protection and our pieces are designed and made in the USA with the utmost care and attention to detail. 

This Sienna Duster in desert taupe is the perfect addition to any outfit!  Versatile by design, this lightweight duster is a long-length, open front duster with full-coverage sleeves that is perfect over a swimsuit as an elegant coverup. Or dress it up or wear it with activewear. So many possibilities. This duster is rated UPF 45+ protection. That’s like wearing SPF 45.

Whether you are looking to prevent skin cancer or want the anti-aging benefits that come from sun protection, @shopconstantsol has you covered.

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