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Travel Junkies Wanted

Where are all my travel junkies at?

I cannot believe I am able to share this amazing product with you guys for this low low cost! When I worked in timeshare I basically sold a product Similar to this for almost 8k 🤯

Hotels Etc. is a private membership club that was established in 1996. They offer the deepest

travel, entertainment and recreational discounts on the net. & that’s also why it doesn’t cost you a ton to have access to the discounts!

So basically- This is an amazing opportunity to get some heavily discounted stays at great accommodations! Whether you are the planner or the spur of the moment person there’s a fit for everybody and you always save!!

So we’ve taken the liberty and put together some FAQ’S for you!

Just to give you a little hand ;)

1. How does it work?: How Hotels Etc. works is very simple! Due to our being a members-only site we have full right to give you exclusive REAL discounts. Unlike other big named booking sites which are mostly owned by two companies. So no matter where you go your money still goes to them.

2. What are my options?: For those who prefer to get things out the way all at once, we have a one year paid in full option, ( which is just $299) you will have full access to the entire system for unlimited bookings and purchases.

3. Is there a guarantee?: ABSOLUTELY! We guarantee not to hip you out of your money like other booking sites. How do we do this? We negotiate discounts that are not available to the public, in return providing our members of savings up to 70% off!

Check Out My Reel on Instagram Showing All The Discounts at

Go to to sign up today!


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