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Miss Jetset 2022

Hey friends, I am currently entered in a contest to be the next face of Miss Jetset Magazine and could use your help with a vote or votes. It’s a daily vote so if you are dedicated to the journey & the win with me you can stop back every day & vote! But one vote will do as well!

If you really wanna know how else you can support me over and above your daily vote. You can buy some votes as well. For every dollar you spend is equal to one vote. While helping me grace the cover of Jetset Magazine, your purchase helps donate to the B+ Foundation, the largest provider of financial assistance to families dealing with pediatric cancer.

So not only does it help me win but the money that you’re spending to help me when goes to a great cause as well. If I win, not only will I be the face of Miss JetSet for 2022 but I will win a $50,000 prize. With that money I want to take a portion and give back to three female entrepreneurs that have a dream and they just need a little cash to get it going.

So if I win others win so let’s come together and help when this victory together!!

Please share this and tag your friends to help share this as well we have one week let’s go TEAM!

Any vote truly helps and means so much by helping me support my dreams! (Whether you believe in them or not

Who wants to see me win Miss Jetset 2022?

Vote now below!

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