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Laura & Shop Haydee 🖤

On this amazing Thursday I really wanted to take the time to do a special shout out/showcase of a brand that is near and dear to my heart because of the woman behind the scenes!

I finally met @laura.roeper this year at an event at @squallyscafe but I’ve followed her journey online for awhile and also watched her brand unfold @shophaydee_ . Not only is she so gorgeous but she’s just as beautiful on the inside as she is the outside. So when I seen her brand and all the beautiful pieces. I expected nothing less knowing it’s her behind it!

The attention to detail, the love, her customer service I can’t say enough things! I am so proud of her and everything she’s done and I know everything she will do in the future! I’m super excited to announce she’s also in the process of creating her VERY OWN custom headbands designed by her!! How exciting! I literally am

counting the seconds until the launch! I know they will be amazing! 🤩

If you are in the mood to support a local small women owned business and spice up any outfit check out her page & shop today!!

You will thank me later but i know your wallet won’t 😉🛍

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