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How To Support A Small Business For FREE

How Can You Support Me?

Things you can do to support ANY small business that is FREE! Meaning it doesn’t cost you anything besides your time!!

1. Write A Review

2. Tell Your Friends, Family & Followers! -RESHARING Content is Gold!

3. Follow The Business On Social Media

4. Engage With The Business Page & Content

5. Share Your Interactions With The Business- Posting On Your Story!!!

6. Use The Businesses Hashtag When Sharing About Them- More Social Proof & Free Marketing

7. Let The Business Know How Much You Love Them!! - Send Us Some LOVE! DM Us & Let Us Know How We’re Doing!

8. Sign Up For Their Email List!

Ready, Set, Go!

Support Your Friends

Shop Small Businesses

Shop Local

Be Your Own Sugar Mama 💎

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