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Gut Health 🌿

I don’t know about you but GUT health is super important to me! I went years feeling icky and thinking it was normal. I truly believed everyone had the issues I did once upon a time in their life and that it was normal to be miserable or sick after eating certain foods. Man was I crazy. Until I started truly listening to my body and what it liked and didn’t like and how it would react to certain things, was when I realized how important it was for myself personally to eat cleaner and take more actions to prevent feeling icky if I did eat “unclean”.

I immediately thought my life was over and my diet was going to have to be so strict. I later came back from the dramatic train and realized It wasn’t the end of the world and my diet didn’t have to be wild it just had to be moderate or simply changing those “bad” or unclean habits with new positive healthy ones that won’t impact me the same way physically. With modern advances it’s made my life so much easier and less restrictive! I used to be that girl who ate all the bread in the world, ate all the sugar my hands could get, and super loved anything cheesy. I’m from Wisconsin what do you expect? 🤷🏽‍♀️

One product in super thankful I found and have loved incorporating into my routine is Gut Renew by @suzannesomerscom. I must tell you about it. I've been using for the last few weeks - it's amazing! You know how sometimes you feel bloated and sluggish? Gut Renew fixed that for me! I feel so much less bloated. It helps support the critical balance of my gut with this powerhouse blend of the highest quality plant-based proteins loaded with superfoods from phyto greens, fruits and vegetables, plus the most important nutrients to support gut health. Each serving Includes 20 grams of protein, ZERO grams of sugar, and 3 grams of carbs!

Just add to your favorite smoothie & go!

So simple so easy & your gut will thank you later! It’s really helped change the game for new and renew my gut to help me stay focused on everything I’ve got going on! I don’t have time to waste feeling icky!

Shop today at

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