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Gas Pump Problems

Who HATES pumping gas so much because it’s GROSS, dirty, sometimes unsafe, 🤮 I think you get the point!…

It’s never been my favorite task to do. Let’s be honest. I’ve always thought it was pretty disgusting even before co-vid so this might have made it worse for me. 🤷🏽‍♀️

BUT I found this super cool product online that makes pumping gas a little easier, cleaner, and gives you a little more piece of mind!

I think everyone needs one- seriously



- Avoid gas smell on your hands

- Avoid germs, pumps never get cleaned

- Traditional gloves take two hands to slip on. Pump Pal is single hand access so you never cross contaminate. 

- Stores in your gas tank door (don’t have to bring germs back into your car)

- Reusable! It eliminate plastic gloves!

When you order it comes with a metal strip with a red adhesive tape that sticks on to any fuel door. The magnets inside Pump Pal stick on to this strip.

This is something you will never forget because you’ll always have it on the perfect spot! ⛽️

The perfect gift for anyone who feels the way I do about this situation 😂🤣

And don’t worry it comes also comes in Black, Blue or Red. So you don’t have to be stuck with pink 👑

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