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EMF Protection Stickers From Waveblock

Let’s get real about something that isn’t talked about enough. And it’s a huge deal!

EMF radiation! 

It’s literally everywhere and we invite more into our lives by always being on devices. We’re all so connected nowadays that it’s hard to disconnect. So what’s the solution?

I am so thankful I found the company @waveblocktech. I feel so much better knowing I’m reducing my exposure and I’m helping others do so too by sharing these amazing products! Experts say that it significantly reduces radiation and I love that it’s so easy to apply 🙌🏼

As an influencer I am always on my phone -creating content, sending messages, negotiating brand deals, making posts, etc.

The last thing I need to do is take on more harmful exposure than than need to! Earlier this year I was introduced to a company specializing in EMF protection and reduction of exposure and it really opened my eyes to the health benefits of reducing EMF radiation. Everyday I try to live a happier healthier life and I always say it’s the small things that can add up.

Why is EMF dangerous and how can it affect your health?

1. EMFs can cause cancer. According to the World Health Organization, EMFs are a possible human carcinogen.

2. EMFs can cause headaches and migraines. These symptoms are often caused by disrupted sleep patterns or poor sleep quality caused by electromagnetic radiation from Wi-Fi devices.

3. EMFs can disrupt the body’s natural circadian rhythm and make you feel tired all day long!

Interested to learn more? Go to @waveblocktech and head to their blogs and learn more about how EMF can cause risk to your brain and how harmonizing radiation around you can help you live a happier healthier life!!

Head to my Amazon storefront and add to cart today. They have all the stickers for your most used devices!

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