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Bling Sting Self Defense

Everyone’s always saying aren’t you worried about doing that alone?

No! But life can always throw you the unexpected soooooo I decided it’s better safe than sorry & got some @loveblingsting!

The fun, cute & easy way to protect yourself without going above & beyond to get a concealed carry.

BLINGSTING Pepper Spray is compact, durable, lightweight and maximum self-defense power. With a swipe-safety lock to prevent misfires and a sturdy lobster clip that easily attaches to any keychain, purse, or bag - it’s sparkly cute like a purse charm! Non-lethal personal protection trusted by parents, gifted to women, and girls love to carry. Dad approved, but hey, this is not your dad's pepper spray!

The set I went with of course was the Hot Mess Safety Keychain! 🖤

Hot Mess Safety Set Includes:

* Maximum Legal Strength Pepper Spray

* Super Loud Safety Alarm

* Touchless Key

* Skinny Bar & Hot Stuff Heart Charm

Get 15% off your first purchase by visiting their website or purchase through the link in the bio at @loveblingsting

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