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1st Month In An Online Business-Week 2

Second week of Business

-Continue showing up on Social Media

+your life

+learning product knowledge

+ show you using the products





+tell your social media about what you use and why you use them

Social Media Management

3-5 posts a week

Share on your story

Talk to people about it

Like & comment (genuine comments) & become friends

find people you’d like to hang out or be around or inspire you (ideal customer)

Start conversations with intentions

Touch the topic

-Schedule a Launch party —whenever thats schedules well shout it out & share it out to share

+Virtual or in person

-Reach out to new people 5-10 new people

-Get out of your comfort zone do something you wouldn’t normally do

-grow your audience


Whats the Why behind it-Know your WHY!


Why did you sign up?

What do you want this to do for you?

When you envisioned this opportunity how did you think it would change your life?

What do you want to build and create?

Vision of where your going and what do you want to build

Why are you doing why are doing it?

Whats the end goals?

How are you gonna get there?

Create A Vision Board

Have questions?

Email me at

Subject Line: ATT: Rachel Britt

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