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1st Month In An Online Business- Week 1

1st Month in Business- The First Week Edition

Get Your Social Media's Set Up

-Add Your Credentials-Who Are You? What Are You Doing?

-Links So People Can See

-Sign up for facebook groups & follow all the leaders

+Get to know your community!

-Post the Announcement

+Tell Everyone What You Are Doing & How Excited You Are.


-Tell your family and friends

+but don’t make them feel like they have to buy

+Tell them how excited you are about this new opportunity and WHY you chose this and what you

+go thru your call log, text history, messages, etc & tell the people you’re already talking to about what you did.

+ask if they know anyone else (not them personally) that would be interested in this?

(Dangle the carrot & don’t ask them to buy) This isn’t for everyone. If they know someone who would better benefit form this then them why not use the contact.

-post a video of something that happened to you today or this week let your audience get to know you.

In your spare time start studying-Try to be the expert. Know things or make notes. Take what you learn and make content with it:

+How To's




+Simply Show The Products if selling-People don't know what your doing unless you SHOW THEM!

Develop your social media routine

-How will you post

-Content banking

-Be Consistent

-Download Apps To Make Posting Easier

Take A Day For Just Content

You Have To Be Seen!



Free Advertising Take Advantage Of Your Audience

Get Them To Like, Know & Trust You

& What Your Selling,

Think About Your Niche:

Who Are You?

What Do You Do?

Who Do You Help

How Do You Help?

Think about 5 categories that you represent: so you have other things to post about not just your business. Examples: Lifestyle, fashion, travel, faith, values, clean beauty, animal lover, health, fitness. etc. Have a good variety of content don’t just sell sell sell. Alternate every 5 posts.

Don't compromise on quality or consistency-they both enable growth.

Have questions?

Subject Line: ATT: Rachel Britt

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